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Quills Anonymous

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stagegremlin @ 09:54 pm: First Post - Reitteration of Information
This community is dedicated to helping make the world a more creative place by sparking new ideas and thoughts. Twice a week we will post a writing/expression challenges in the community, you then will have the opportunity to post your response to the challenge. Comments and Suggestions are welcome on all pieces unless you specify that you would rather not receive them, but the point is to express yourselves within the challenge and then grow through feedback. Please be considerate of others with your comments and suggestions, remember that there are people just like you on the other side of that screen.

Highly inappropriate or flameish posts will be removed. It's not a matter of censorship, it's a matter of manners.(For the most part it’s an open forum, please just use common sense) This is an open community, anyone who'd like is welcome to join, that being said, please lj-cut and label appropriately things which may not be appropriate for under 18 (though remembering myself at 18, they are more resilient than we give them credit for.)

This site is also linked to a sister site where writers can go to work in a group and workshop setting to build upon their writing skills and portfolio. thewritinggroup

My hope is that this ends up a fun place to be challenged and to be creative.

Thank You,

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